Welcome to The Long Scoot Touring Association

In June 2011 a group of 14 individuals spent 10 days touring nearly 2000 miles of the UK's high-ways, bye-ways & 'no-ways' on motor scooters. This event, “The Long Scoot Down”, included the classic UK end to ender from John O Groats to Lands End. Ultimately this was done for the noble cause of raising funds for charity but for the group it turned into an epic adventure, requiring individuals and the team to pit their wits against everything that conspires to dissuade man and Italian shopping bike from completing such a trip:- Adverse weather conditions, roughish camping, mechanical challenges, and personal endurance.

The extra dimensions were obvious, the camerarderie of the tour group, the support from everyone we met, the extreme terrain - travelling some of the most ludicrously steep, slippery and downright dangerous roads, and the grind of not one or two, but ten long journeys in succession to complete the trip. It was clear from the constant smiles on everyones faces that these aspects of scooter touring are FUN in capital letters and that we should try to establish something enduring once LSD was over, and capture that sense of enjoyment and achievement. Hence the launch of Long Scoot Touring Association.

At this time we are inviting the LSD group and those who supported us directly (either by fund raising or by riding with us along some of the route) to join the LoST Association. Please feel free to register on the Forum where mush more information is available.

For Association Membership there will be a small fee and associates will receive:-

--The LoST die-cast badge, to which 'badge bars' can be added for each tour attended. The first one of these is the LSD event bar and this will be available only to those who rode with or fundraised for LSD.
--Access to the LoST forum
--Priority sign-up for future tours.
--Access to purchase LoST patches, polos, scooter stickers etc 

We are already in the process of planning LoST 2012. We can't confirm details yet, but rest assured it will be a cracker and likely to incorporate a single-center destination in one of the best parts of the UK for touring on a scooter. Stay tuned.