LSD IS COMPLETE... Thanks to United Couriers. for transporting our scooters. See News Page for lots of updates including major sponsorship from  and  



Things are moving very quickly now and we are getting lots of emails and calls from potential supporters and sponsors from all over the country, so if you as an individual, or your company, would like to get involved and support this fantastic cause then drop us a line. We will add you to our
Sponsors & Supporters Pages.

Welcome to 'The Long Scoot Down'.

Welcome to 'The Long Scoot Down'.
On Saturday 18th June 2011, a band of brave, mad fools will be riding classic scooters - thats Vespa's and Lambrettas - 1664 miles across Great Britain to raise money for charity!! The event is estimated to take around 11-12 days in total. Scooters will be transported from the South East of England to the North East of Scotland by lorry, and Riders will travel by Air.


My name is Becky and I am the lead organiser for the charity event “The Long Scoot Down ” which many of you may well have heard of. This is taking place in June 2011 and is in aid of a charity called Find a Voice. Have a nosy at the pages in this website and see what a great thing this is!!

We are keen to make the Long Scoot Down a national event involving as many scooterists as is humanly possible.

We already have the support of many local clubs, some are holding nights of scooter sounds, comedy events and some will be meeting us on the lastleg of our ride and to these I say a warm heartfelt thank you!!

We are contacting all UK Scooter clubs neighbouring the route in the hope we can encourage you and your club members to get involved. We would be honoured to receive your support and to help us raise some money for the charity we are riding for. The ride route can be found here, Please show us some support along the route, hold your own ride outs in aid of us, maybe a night of scooter sounds or a collection pot in your local pub etc!!

We will be holding our own small, off shoot rideouts before the main event, including the Tour d’Kent a 180 mile “warm up”, and The 'South Coastal Ride'.

We have high profile sponsors including Damian Green MP, the Immigration Minister who is involved in the ride and will be contacting names such as Paul Weller for us in the very near future. We also have the actress Jan Francis involved, she will be encouraging names such as Phil Daniels to show us some support also.

A big thank you to everyone who has so far offered their support so far including bands, venues, companies, and scooter clubs. See the Sponsors & Supporters Pages.

Help us to show the whole UK what we scooter enthusiasts can do!! 

Please print the flyer to help promote our event. thank you.


I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time in reading this note. All the best, ride safe and hope to see you on the route!

Becky (South Kent saints SC)