"I will be riding my Vespa PX. It's not the fastest or the smartest but it has been a worthy steed. Used all year round rain and shine. I am not planning to do anything drastic to it for LSD but I have changed the standard seat to a King and Queen one for that all important bit of comfort and fitted retro girlie hand guards to try and keep the cutting Scottish wind from my hands! I will keep the back rest/rack on it for the ride to give Sue something to lean on when we go two up, whenever she takes a break from driving the support van. On our triumphant return it will definitely deserve a good old clean up and will get a new paint job! "



"Mines a Lambretta gp186 mugello with a penchant for eating clutches! It's got a candy apple red metalflake spray job which has picked up a few chips because its a ridden scoot, it'll do 75 flat out and cruise at 65. Its a much loved scoot! "



Riding my Vespa GTS Auto.



"I’m riding my beaten-up Vespa px125. This has a 168 Malosi kit and racing crank – which gives a nice knock on the casing occasionally. It’s pretty feisty normally and will do a top speed of nearly 70mph but 55mph is more its cruising speed. It doesn’t like damp, but I know how to overcome that with a bit of coaxing. Normally I just need to threaten to take off the side-panel and it jumps into life. It was all moded-up with florida bars, front racks lamps and mirrors, but going for a striped-down look on LSD, keeping the front crash bars and mounting 2 round stadium mirrors each side for visability. The back rack is staying so I can carry emergency marathon bars and lucozade. I’m checking my RAC cover for full recovery back to Kent. "

NEWS UPDATE 16th JUNE: The scooter above bit the dust on the way to the pick-up and I am now riding Chel Parkers PX Vespbretta. Team Parker! 

 Al - TBC
 Steve Marmite 

Riding my Vespa GTS Auto.

 Big Steve

"I will be riding my mark 1 Vespa px125 cutdown due to someone reversing into it but way before I had it. Standard engine, goes well when it wants to, looking into rac,aa etc maybe I should ask kai as he probably knows them all on a first name basis! "



"Riding my Vespa PX125"

 Shaun - TBC
 Beccy - TBC

RICH  - "My scooter is the ugliest (not a surprise to anybody who knows my usual taste in machines) and most conventional (which is a contrast to my usual approach) involved in the whole escapade. The Tour de Kent demonstrated the limitations of my ability (about 50 miles) to ride twistgrip-change geared scooters following an uncontrolled attempted amputation of my hand in 2004, rectified with internal scaffolding at the cost of limited mobility. Not wishing to use some foot-shift fossil with zero spares availability this side of Venus and being morally dubious in general, I am unashamedly doing a Dick Dastardly, cheating furiously and riding an auto. A 2004 MBK Kilibre(French-made Yamaha Versity with added garlic and a handy white flag compartment) has been duly procured from an old boy who found that he couldn’t reach the floor from the seat, and will be serviced to within an inch of it’s life before being pressed into service. I can’t tell you anything interesting about because a) I just bought it, and b) I don’t think there’s anything interesting to tell. Erm… it’s got 14-inch wheels and therefore doesn’t ride like a shopping trolley (just looks and sounds like one), it’s got a 12v charger for my mobile phone, and the previous owner has polished the seat so I keep sliding into the footwell under braking. That’s it. I have included a photo of the inside of the glove box, because that’s the most aesthetically-pleasing view of the scoot.”