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Tony (tonyhannah1@btinternet.com)
Date:Sun 19 Jun 2011 22:11:00 BST
Subject:Good Luck

Hi Folks....

Good to meet up with you in Inverness today...have a safe journey....enjoy Scotland !!!!


A wee vid of your first ride out in Scotland, just crossed the kessock bridge , on the A9 north..!!


Mark T (mark@realdealsc.co.uk)
Date:Wed 18 May 2011 14:33:36 BST
Subject:Thanks you lot for all your support so far

Thanks you lot for all your support so far

Stay tuned for a 'LSD News Roundup' video, coming soon before we start the ride AND a little announcement in the next Scootering Magazine on salearound 27th May

Mark and all at the LSD bunker


Scooter Suz (romneymarshianssc@live.co.uk)
Date:Wed 18 May 2011 14:13:02 BST
Subject:Good Luck

Will miss all the Warm up Rideouts!! and hopefully they will all be worth it in the end. Good Luck to everyone involved in this amazing adventure.
Lots of luck to you all. Suz ;)


Karl (karlbeeston@hotmail.co.uk)
Date:Mon 08 Nov 2010 02:07:00 GMT
Subject:Video Shoot

Sorry I couldn't make the video shoot on Sunday 7th


dixie (skinheaddixie@gmail.com)
Date:Fri 22 Oct 2010 16:24:04 BST
Subject:good luck

Having done the (Enfield-)Margate-Lands End ride(with sidecar)and back, in April this year,(in 3 days) I can appreciate what's in front of you.I would have loved to do this one.Jules and I wish you all the luck for it.
Dixie/Jules, Enfield Rifles S.C.


High Numbers (mark@greenwood-uk.com)
Date:Fri 22 Oct 2010 09:53:49 BST
Subject:Transport to Scotland

Do I read from this that Phil Daniels is taking the scooters to scotland? lol
So long as he doesn't run them into Post Office Van!


Bex (silly7wot@yahoo.co.uk)
Date:Fri 22 Oct 2010 09:28:41 BST
Subject:Scooters to Scotland

Looks like we may have sorted getting the scooters to scotland!! will keep you posted!!! Also, Jan Francis the patron of Find a Voice happens to know Phil Daniels.... oh happy days!!!!!!!!!!


Bex (silly7wot@yahoo.co.uk)
Date:Sun 17 Oct 2010 18:49:06 BST
Subject:oi oi

A big thank you to Mark Traverse for our wonderful website!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Mark T High_Numbers (mark@realdealsc.co.uk)
Date:Sun 17 Oct 2010 14:56:53 BST
Subject:A big shout out

to all the riders who have signed up to this mad crazy escapade. You nutters! I've started having nightmares lol


Mark T (mark@realdealsc.co.uk)
Date:Sun 17 Oct 2010 14:26:14 BST
Subject:New Guestbook to leave messages for Long Scoot Down

New Guestbook to leave messages for Long Scoot Down.


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